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Do you want your dog to be really happy?

Looking for a place for your dog to be able to roam around freely in the outdoors while you’re at work or on a long vacation? 

Do you need your pet to become more obedient and improve his or her behavior? 

If you’re looking to improve your relationship with your dog or just give them a place to roam around while you’re gone, we've got you covered!

We provide outstanding dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog training services to LA and surrounding areas. 

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Motivational Dog Training

Why We Believe Motivational Training is Essential

Dog training is one of the best gifts you can give to your dog.

When you train your dog to perform basic exercises like sit or come, you are fulfilling one of the most important needs of every dog: to belong to a pack where he can work cooperatively within a hierarchical structure. The pack needs a leader in order to function appropriately, and your mission is to assume that role in the eyes of your canine companion. This is the most important reason for learning how to obedience train your dog.


The Country Dog Ranch dog training method is based on motivation, positive reinforcement and play. We don't use coercion or punishment in our dog training. 

The History of Country Dog Ranch

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Our Philosophy

What Country Dog Ranch Believes about Training and Raising Dogs

At Country Dog Ranch, our philosophy is based on the simple idea that dogs should be allowed to be what they are: dogs, one of the most amazing creatures that share this planet with us, their friends and companions for more than 15,000 years.


We built our six acres facility as a natural environment where dogs can explore, play and enjoy the company of other dogs. It's an enclosed and safe space in the hills of Santa Clarita, where our daily canine visitors can run, play and swim in the pool, while being taken care by our experienced staff.


On top of caring for your pet at our facility, we have the resources to pick up your dog at your home, bring him/her to our ranch in one of our air conditioned vans, where he or she will hang out with his canine friends all day long. At the end of the day, we will bring him/her home, happy, calm and relaxed so you can enjoy his company without having to take him/her out for a walk when you are tired after a busy day. You can have more time to spend with your happy and relaxed dog, who will be thrilled to see you after a wonderful day at our facility.


If you love your dog and want him to have a fulfilling "dog life" in which he or she can express his canine nature in all the ways mother nature has intended, don't hesitate and call Country Dog Ranch. We will work hard to ensure that your dog is safe and happy while you're away, and we will use our years of expertise to work on your dog's behavior, if you request. Our dog training, dog boarding, and dog daycare services and facilities are top notch and will keep both you and your dog feeling at home and well cared for.

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